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October 2006
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Elvis and The Yogi<br />Take a Magical, Mystery Tour Elvis's favorite spot in LA was a spiritual retreat founded by a famed Hindu holy man who was Gandhi's Yoga teacher.

The ashes of the Mahatma are at this shrine on Sunset Boulevard, where Elvis & his Memphis Mafia went to find peace and a higher love away from groupies and adoring movie star girlfriends.
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Cher & Her Bagel Boy and<br /> Annie Oakley & Her Sitting Bull

These two generous, workaholics began life destitute, but set their sights on superstardom early. Fatherless at a young age, both met married men with children at age 15, who they eventually married.

Their husbands, both 12 years their senior, guided them to world fame and fortune. Both straightshooters suffered the slings and arrows of the tabloids, and both sued the rags and WON!!!!

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Marilyn Monroe & Albert Einstein:<br /> Their Secret Love Affair

The 20th Century's Biggest Brain and Biggest Sexpot get it on.

Who knew?!!

They talked of making a baby, but the ever thoughtful Einstein mused aloud:

"What if it has my looks and your brains?!!"

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Lindsay, Woody & Elvis: Stars & Their Jailbird Dads

One star's dad is a convicted contract killer believed to be involved in the JFK assassination.

Another's dad is an alcoholic, drug addicted white collar thief who stole millions from investors before turning to more violent crime.

The last member of this superstar trio has a dad who served time in the penitentiary for forging an employer's check from $3 to $8, leading the boy to what some deemed an "unnatural" relationship with his mother.

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Jessica & Ashlee And Gypsy Rose Lee: Sizzling Sisters And Their Stage Parents From Hell There are two sister acts in show biz whose parents pushed them out on the circuit very early and who struggled well into adulthood to free themselves from filial suffocation.

Their manager parents pimped them out to fame and fortune by sexualizing them and pocketing the money.
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